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Music and Art

Introducing your children to music and art at an early age stimulates their creativity and can enhance their self expression and self esteem. Come explore our music and art rooms independently during Family Playtime or enrol in one our Music and Art programs.Our classes offer you and your child an introduction to music and movement, and the very basics of making music. Children are entertained by the various musical instruments played by the teacher and can even try them out by themselves!Music and Art are as important to your child as their ABC's and 123's. Arts education allows your child to thrive in many different ways because it's another form of literacy. They will learn the language of music, and learn to see and hear different things in their environment and possibly even discover a hidden talent!Please email us if you are interested in registering, classes will begin Fall 2015.


Kids in the Kitchen

Healthy eating habits start in the kitchen and it's never too early to introduce kids to the concepts of nutrition and basic cooking skills. Our Kids in the Kitchen program offers a variety of age-appropriate themes from the introduction of new and interesting foods to the importance of good food to family health and well-being.Each week we will prepare a new and tasty treat that you and your child can enjoy together. Each child will have all the ingredients and tools to prepare the recipe themselves and they will be able to take what they make home to share with the rest of the family.Learn how to bake your favourite treats (with less sugar!) or learn to make a nutritious lunch that tastes great too. Children will also learn safe food handling tips as well as nutritional information that will set them on the path to healthy eating well into their teenage years.Tastes from Around the World This community kitchen program will feature a recipe from a different culture each week. The group will prepare various dishes such as curries, jerk chicken, Greek salad, hummus and other dishes to enjoy together as a group. Come learn, laugh, socialize and eat with us!


Baby Food Basics

Making your own baby food is so easy you'll wonder why you haven't been doing it all along. It's also cheaper and more nutritious than the processed variety. Learn how to make everything from rice cereal to puréed fruits and veggie recipes. We'll learn a different recipe each week that you can feed to baby right when it's fresh!



Interactive Enrichment Program

Drop-In & Drop Off your kids with us... 

for 2 hour sessions of 

Truly Engaging Interactive Mini Adventures



Baby & Toddler Painting Parties


Baby Karaoke


Toddler Karaoke



Family Music Concert & Family Play Time

featuring Nicole Dueck, Early Childhood Music Specialist



Back by Popular Demand...

Wednesday Night Dinner Date?

Drop-In & Drop Off your Kids with us...

for Unforgettable Fun!

Parents can go out for Dinner...a Movie....or just Relax!

be provided for all the children Dinner will 

as well as a themed Art Activity

5:30pm - 8:00pm  $30 

*limited space available, please call ahead to register*



Mosaic Art Classes

Children will learn the skills & techniques

involved in creating beautiful peices of mosaic art

Mosaic teaches Manual Dexterity, Concentration, Fine Motor Skills

Assembling, Decision Making, Attention, Patience, Problem Solving, 

Memory, Logic, Perception, Imagination, Creativity, Intuition, Trust, 

Spatial and visual organization (basics of geometry), 

Creative Self Expression, Self Exploration, Self Discovery

Peer to Peer Interaction, Collaboration, Cooperative learning strategies 


*limited space available, please call ahead to register*


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