We play to learn, we play to grow, we play to bond but most of all we play to have FUN! 


We are a 4000 square foot interactive arts inspired play based educational and recreational facility designed & built especially for families with a wide variety of programs available.


C.U.E.S is a unique destination for families to meet, socialize, connect,  

 celebrate birthdays & special family events.


Children use their imagination to play creatively while developing their

social, language, cognitive, fine and gross motor skills.  


Come enrich your family bonding time with the broad array of

educational resources offered at C.U.E.S that include: 



Filled with educational toys, a play kitchen, dramatic centre, building & tool centre, 

a train station, dinosaur land, building blocks, Lego, trucks and much more! 



Filled with books, puzzles and board games! 



 Equipped with instruments to drum, shake, rattle, and clack to your heart's content!  



Paints, crafts and supplies…all the tools needed to create your next masterpiece!

Wherever your imagination may take you! 



  A great space for your kids to roam free while you watch them

jump, climb, zoom, slide  and screech with delight.   

Wooden Structures include a 10' tall, 2 level Tree House and a 12' tall, 3 level Castle 

slides, cars, tunnels, tents, balls, and much more including

"The Best Disco Dance Parties with Strobe Lights". 



Cooking and Baking Workshops for Children & Adults

Baby Food Making & Toddler Nutrition Workshops

Kids in the Kitchen, Healthy Bites, Fussy Eaters,

Tastes from Around the World



Parents can meet, chat, relax and socialize in our many comfort zones including

an awesome beanbag lounge designed especially for you and your little ones! 



Relax & Enjoy time with your Family & Friends

Tea/Coffee, Beverages, Snacks and Healthy treats available!



C.U.E.S offers the Family Play Time Program 1 times per week,

which is designed to give you and your children multiple opportunities

to play and learn together as well as with other children and their caregivers.


 Our Play To Learn Club

allows you to drop off your children 2 mornings per week for 2 hours,

for enriching, developmentally appropriate activities with a small group of their peers. 


Morning Nutrition & Afternoon Enrichment Program 

builds confidence, friendships & lasting memories!

We operate 5 days per week and we pick up/drop off children from our local schools


Our Creative Arts, Music & Movement and Family Classes

are designed for both adults and children to enjoy together or on their own.

If you need some time to yourself... go grocery shopping... clean the house

or even better, rekindle your romance...

drop off the kids for Date Nights, Pajama Parties & Friday Night Dance Parties!

Weekends are reserved for Private Birthday Parties and Community Family Events

We host and cater your Families Special Celebrations 


We host School Field Trips 1 day per week, please call to book your child's class for a day of fun!

C.U.E.S is open every day of the week because we know that children need to play.


A visit to C.U.E.S can awaken your child's curiosity and stimulate their senses.


There is always a new atmosphere, new faces, new toys and

new experiences to engage your child with the world around them.  


New experiences means new knowledge and

continued development of children's social and intellectual abilities.


Shoe-Free-Zone and Socks Mandatory for ALL

Place all Shoes in Green Bins at the Entrance & Hang Coats, lockers available for belongings.


Stroller & Wagon Parking

Bring your own Lock or you can Borrow one of ours if you forget yours!


Please use Lockers for your Personal Belongings.   

We are not responsible for lost or stolen items; Please check Lost & Found.


Nut-Free-Zone. Please ensure all snacks Omit Nuts or Nut Products Snacks.

Food & Beverages only permitted in Café Area.


Thank-You for your co-operation in keeping our environment Clean & Safe 

We look forward to meeting you and your family!