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Our Play to Learn Club allows you to drop off your children

for a morning of enriching activities in our unique play-based learning space.


Kids learn best when they are challenged and stimulated.

New faces, new ideas, new tasks and new learning tools

to keep kids engaged with their environment.


At C.U.E.S our Play to Learn Club

is interactive and provides the tools necessary to keep your kids

questioning and engaging with their peers and their community.


Our Interactive curriculum is carefully designed

to address all the developmental milestones

you want your children to reach.


Our comprehensive curriculum is both fun and educational

so children can enjoy themselves, stimulate their imaginations,

play creatively while developing their cognitive skills

and socializing with both their teacher and their peers.


By establishing relationships with their teacher and their peers

your child will learn to communicate, as well as to trust themselves and others

and gain the self-confidence that will continue to shape their learning for the future.


Play to Learn Club balances

active free play with more focused and structured group activities. 

We also provide a healthy balanced snack to your child each day.


This program will be offered on Tuesday & Thursday

mornings for 2-4 week sessions. 


Please contact us to be placed on our waiting list.

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